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The city of Rio de Janeiro was always this brand’s greatest inspiration. The RYGY brand was launched in 1980, which means they have plenty of experience in knowing what women like in a swimsuit! Their swimsuits are light, sophisticated creations; unique and high-quality products. They offer bikinis - and also sleek sporty one pieces and monokinis, which serve as multi-functional for gym & swim. They come in a variety of colors and all types of exclusive prints made only for the brand. 



CORAL BIKINIS MARKETThe CORAL BEACHWEAR’s slogan is: Life is better in a bikini. This brand is from Santa Catarina which is in the south of Brazil. Their objective for all types of body shapes is to always find a way to equalize the silhouette with bikinis that cover unappealing features and accentuate the greatest assets. Coral Bikinis carries chic swimsuits, both two pieces and one pieces in solids and bright, fun prints which are perfect for sunny days.



GIRASSOL BIKINIS MARKETThis brand is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and leans more toward the teens’ market. GIRASSOL, which means sunflower in Portuguese, is a west-coast feel brand. Their culture creates a year-long summer mood and they are constantly releasing collections to keep up with the trendiest styles. They carry bikinis, one pieces, monokinis, and long sleeve crop tops that serve as rash guards for the cool surfer or even just for a sportier look at the beach. They come in solids, metallics, and trendy prints.



BB MODA PRAIA BIKINIS MARKETThe BB MODA PRAIA is a startup Brazilian bikini brand from Minas Gerais, who’s breaking waves with old and new trends. As you can see, they’ve brought back the love for handmade, crochet bikinis in much more vibrant tones. And wait til you try the denim bikinis; like any great pair of jeans, they go with everything. As for new styles, they’ve created unique-cut one pieces and monokinis, extra detailed – and extra sexy.



 La Sirene is a sophisticated Brazilian brand that was created with the desire to satisfy all women offering excellence, quality and personality to their products. A brand that was designed for those who look at the sea and hear the same song as we do. Celebrating an endless summer, where we float from shoreline to poolside in bathing suits and bikinis that will make you feel truly amazing.